Off-page SEO explained in simple terms

Off-page SEO explained in simple terms
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If you want to understand and learn off-page SEO then you must visit the site of Digital360Market Institute. SEO improves site recall & domain authority.

Off-page SEO helps in driving organic traffic & raising brand awareness. Let us understand how:

In simple words, Off-page SEO is also called Off-site SEO. The process of promoting your website on other relevant websites & social media channels.

The agenda of Off-page SEO is to get quality backlinks from other websites. When you can receive more backlinks…

  • Your website credibility increases
  • Search engines like Google & Bing will rank you better for targeted keywords

If you create backlinks from toxic or low-quality websites, then there is a probability that Google might penalize you. If Google penalizes your website,then you will see a drop in website ranking and traffic.

7 Common ways to get backlinks for off-page SEO

  1. Question & Answer Websites
  2. Image Submission
  3. Video Submission
  4. Local Map Submission
  5. Social Sharing
  6. PPT Sharing
  7. Blog Posting

Off-page SEO helps you to make users aware of your product & services & guide them to your website.

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